New models of automobile lamps of DLED with T10 base on light-emitting diodes SMD3014 and CREE.



In the section of LED automobile lamps of DLED with T10 base for Parking lights, illuminations of salon and numbers, appeared new models on light-emitting diodes of SMD3014 and CREE. All three models of new auto lamps of W5W are equipped with load resistors (they are blendes) for the correct work with the on-board computer of the car.

Two models of LED lamps are made with the use of light-emitting diodes of SMD3014 in the quantity of 10 and 30 pieces:

Auto lamp DLED T10 - 10 SMD3014 has dimensions smaller than an ordinary lamp, its total length is 21mm, and diameter is 9 mm. This model without problems may be installed at any car, in any light and will not make the situation when the lamp is too long or wide.

The second model - car DLED LED lamp T10 - 30 SMD3014 with a brightness of 450 Lm has a uniform and pleasant luminescence. The capacity of the bulb is equal to 3 watts. The lower part of the bulb (the base) is made of textolite and is more reliable, than plastic.

Another newcomer is the LED lamp DLED 1 CREE 5 watt and it has no lens. The LED is put into a metal cone reflector, which is integral with the housing. LED light bulb 1 CREE T10 without lenses looks interesting and beautiful.

All three new items have the original plastic packaging. They are manufactured on the proven LEDs and have high brightness. LED bulbs are ideal for use in lanterns dimensions, illuminations of a luggage carrier or illumination of salon. Also LED bulbs often are often installed in the reversing lights and rear brake lights.
LED bulb DLED is a bright light, reliability and durability.

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