New LED lamps with DLED blendes with a Mirror series C5W base


On sale there appeared new LED lamps of DLED with a Mirror series C5W base.  These new bulbs C5W are available in the three most popular sizes - 31, 36 and 41 mm. Usually, these bulbs are used in the interior light, Luggage compartment or in the cabin. Replacement of the conventional incandescent lamps with the LED ones has many advantages - it is more brighter and qualitative light, decreasing of the load on the battery, and pleasant white light. In addition to these advantages it should also be noted the long service life and high reliability.

Car LED light bulbs at 31, 36 and 41 mm have a built-in hornblende, which will ensure the bypass of the CAN tire of the car CAN bus of the vehicle, so there will be no mistakes on the on-board computer because of insufficient loading.


New lamps of DLED of the Mirror series are made with the use of LED CREE chips which provide the high brightness and quality of light. On the lamp with 31mm length 1 LED is installed, 36 mm - two LEDs, and the longest diode bulb C5W has 3 LEDs.

The body of the lamps DLED Mirror is covered with a mirror pick guard, which gives a more attractive appearance, which means that the lamps look good in lights with transparent lenses.


LED bulbs for salon, illuminations of number or a luggage carrier it is an excellent way to upgrade the internal and external appearance of the car. DLED lamps with C5W base are ideal for this purpose.

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