The DLed Company presents the innovation in LED optics - new LED lamps CREE CXA

We are glad to announce that the DLed presents new LED lamps for cars. It goes about latest developments of company engineers, working within few months. They have taken into account all the nuances of car and road conditions. You can find new product in our catalogue.

Currently we manufacture car lamps with bases no. 156, 1157, while the developers are now working on the extension of available models. This will allow setting LED lamps practically on any car.
As a rule such car lamps are being used in overall dimensions, turn signals, common drive and alarm signals. Such type of lighting mainly bears the main load. That is why the lamps burn out very often. When using LED lamps you can be sure about their longevity as they are manufactured of high quality materials only.
Lamp consists of two parts - the upper one and lower one. The upper one is monolithic made of aluminum alloy as it draws aside the heat from LED. While each section is made with the help of high accuracy metal-working equipment. The products become original due to laser marking on the parts edges.


New lamps as the source of light have original LEDs CREE CXA1304, made by DLed company. These elements have high power light flow, they are reliable and durable. The LED base is ceramic plate, which transmits heat to lamp base. The lamp has 4 LEDs, which is optimum to avoid blinding the drivers of cars moving along or ahead.
Due to new LED lamps from LED Company your car will become more safe and visible. The brightness of main and secondary lighting is the core of you and your passengers’ safety.

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