LED automobile strips

By means of  LED automobile strip DLED you will be able to diversify the favourite car with various lighting effects! To make it unique, not similar to others. Not only to express, but also to emphasize your individuality!

These strips will help to solve even the most complex tasks of both external, and internal design of the car! LED automobile tapes can serve  external illumination at least for wheel arches, for illumination of the bottom of the car, a radiator lattice or back number.


Using of strip for creation of unique interior in the salon of your car is limited only by your imagination! It is possible to make simple or original illumination of seats, a glove compartment, etc. It is beautiful, convenient to issue illumination of salon! The variety of colors of a LED strip will help to create the necessary atmosphere and individual, unique style.

Creation of all this became possible thanks to flexibility of a strip and possibility of creation of the necessary length by building of several tapes among themselves by the means of special connectors (which are already available on each tape). Or it is easy to divide the strip into parts, using for this purpose special tags.

Besides, LED automobile strips DLED are moisture-proof and completely sealed.

LED automobile strips DLED are distinguished by the high brightness in combination with the low energy consumption. All tapes are supplied with wires for connection to power supply. No soldering is required. 

All light-emitting diodes are very strong soldered to the black printed-circuit board. They are equipped with a bilateral adhesive tape for convenience of installation. Have the wide range of temperatures of use. The low thermal emission expands possibility of application. All tapes are completely marked by the DLED trademark in order to avoid fakes.

Always there are available LED automobile strips of different shades: blue, green, red, yellow, white, and chameleons!

The DLED brand is already well-known to thousands of Russians and residents of the neighboring countries for excellent quality and high service life of the products!

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