Halogen auto lamps

 DLED Company is the producer of various types of automobile lamps such as halogen, gas-filled, xenon and light-emitting diode. Our aim is to offer  automobile lamps of the highest quality and we work in cooperation with various domestic and foreign plants. The priority goals of the Company are reliability and durability that's why the line of the produced lamps constantly extends for satisfaction of any requirements and purposes.

Produced by DLED automobile lamps are convenient and comfortable in use. Halogen automobile lamps DLED are checked and reliable companions in any weather conditions. The DLED Company produces the widest range of halogen automobile lamps with various bases so in our assortment you will always find the lamp interesting for you.

Lamps are used in head optics (a passing beam, a high beam, fog lights): h1, h3, h4, h7, h8, h10, h11, hb3, hb4, hb1, h27(880), h27(881), halogen lamps of H7, H4, H1, H11 are widespread.

Halogen automobile lamps are similar to incandescent lamps; the difference is that they are filled with vapors of gases (J or Br). Quartz glass which is resistant to the effects of high temperatures and chemicals is used as a material for production of a flask.

Halogen automobile lamps of the DLED Company differ from the lamps of other producers by the higher intensity of illumination. Bright light of lamps helps to provide more comfortable driving of the car in a night-time that reduces a number of accidents.

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