Gas-filled auto lamps

Gas-filled lamps of  DLED company are glow lamps which flask contains inert gases of nitrogen, krypton, argon, xenon therefore the thread of an incandescence isn't oxidized that allows to make it thinner and are longer.  Thanks to that the gas-filled lamp contains xenon, the high pressure in a flask is created and lamp brightness as a result increases.

In the catalog you will find some special series which differ among themselves in a luminescence shade (temperature), power and brightness:

The "Dawn" series - is a gas-filled lamps, auto lamps of the standard power 55w, the temperature of the luminescence of  lamps of the series "Dawn" equals 4500k. The brightness of these lamps is anymore than the regular halogen lamps.

The DLED "Evolution White" series - gas-filled lamps of the increased power. Lamps have a flask of the special form calculated on a high pressure of gas and the brightest stream of light with a luminescence temperature 4300k. Lamps of the DLED "Evolution White" series are recognized as the brightest of gas-filled lamps!

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