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Flexible neon light is a kind of a source of lighting. The principle of action is the same as that of the neon lamp in a glass tube but a plastic flexible cover is used. Interior design can be upgraded very effectively by the means of this flexible neon!

LED neon flex light is produced  in several options and represents:

The glowing cord , made of a special plastic material of PVC, is mounted in one line. Special wires are built in in this cord, and the internal surface of a cord is covered with a phosphor. At connection of a wire create special magnetic field forcing a phosphor to glow! There are two options of flexible neon: cold and running. Cold neon has a uniform luminescence and is connected to the 2-channel inverter, the running neon differs in effect of the running fire and is connected to the 4-channel inverter.

The neon tape is an analogue of a neon cord, the tape differs from the cord by the flat shape. The tape is also connected to the neon inverter.

The neon panel is a flat, even, superthin light source (panel). Color of a luminescence can be a miscellaneous and depends on the light filter applied on a phosphor surface. Its brightness, flexibility, thinness and lightness gives a wide range of applications in advertising and design projects.

Flexible neon is applied mainly for the advertizing purposes as planimetric light, for production of various festive figures, inscriptions, as garlands, and other.

As well as for advertising inside and outside the premises, logos, design showcases, doors, furniture, walls, roofs, etc.

For decoration of cars, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles and other vehicles both inside, and outside.

For signs of safety and the plate on ladders, passes, plates on doors, temporary signs.

As decoration of clothes or toys with the shining application.

Neon illumination of contours of a hinged ceiling, plinths, interior decoration in bars, restaurants, hotels.

For the manufacture of the original fairy lights for festive decoration of premises, as well as for holiday decoration of trees, arbors, fences.

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