LED Message Signs and Their Applications

LED Message Signs are relatively small LED displays that are used to display a single line of text. Generally these signs are dynamic and are used to create a scrolling line of text. This text is usually monochromatic and is of course luminescent. A virtually unlimited amount of text can be inputted into these devices, which can then be set to scroll, pause or flash at specific points. It is possible for users to set their LED message signs to display certain messages at certain times, and to change throughout the day.

The applications of LED message signs, like all forms of LED signage, are almost endless. For example, they are practically essential equipment for stock exchanges throughout the world. No other form of signage could meet the requirements of such a dynamic and rapidly changing environment, and this form of LED display is now synonymous with market trading. As a result of this association, and of course because of the many benefits offered by LED message signs, most modern banks also make use of these displays. Customers who are queuing for services can view up-to-date information and messages from their bank, which helps to keep them informed, entertained and reduces perceived wait time.

Other common applications of message signs can be seen in the transport industry. Many modern trains have built in LED displays in each carriage, which are usually placed above the doorways. These displays inform passengers of the ultimate destination of the train, upcoming stops, and distances between stops. The LED message displays aboard trains are also used to inform passengers of safety practices, along with the available services on the train. Local authority and long distance buses also make use of LED message signs in this manner. However it is more common to see LED displays on the exterior of a bus, indicating destination and route number.

Many restaurant windows and shop fronts will also make use of LED signage. Restaurants and cafés often utilize this dynamic signage to attract the attention of passersby and inform them of various deals and offers. Various shops also make use of this form of signage as on site advertising.

What’s Up With Your Modern Devices

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Finding LED Display Signs Online

LED display signs use LED technology, which utilizes a form of electroluminescence. LED displays are very powerful (more so than neon lights), extra durable, convenient, flexible, and best of all low in price. People use them for many purposes, including advertising and traffic warnings. Additionally, the newest LED signs have convenient features for travel and set up.

Some models of signage have variable messaging as well as speed dependent messaging. This technology combines a radar speed monitor with a variable message sign-great for warning those speedsters on the highway! There are also devices that can send messages to multiple signs in the area. Modern LED traffic signs are easily portable. They can fold up and fit into any vehicle, from a truck to a police car. Users can mount these signs to poles, trailers, and hitch-mounts. You can use a variety of resources to program signs, including home or office PCs, wireless PDA systems, or through the sign itself. Personnel can also program the signs and provide data logging for special uses.

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